Fernandes MG 120x

Body Material:
Neck Material:
Fretboard Material:

Neck Pickup:
Bridge Pickup:

Seymour Duncan DF-1
Seymour Duncan SH-1


Price: £800

I play mainly rock on this guitar, the DF-1 in the bridge gives a very nice heavy sound for those rhythm parts, without pushing it into the metal zone, its just right for rock. The SH-1 in the neck is very clear and is softer than the DF-1, the pickup is very good for those clean riffs and solos.

The action is able to go extremely low with no problems and it plays superbly, feels very sleek. It doesn''t balance superbly and it takes a while to learn how to adjust to the guitar shape.

Feels completely solid, nothing has ever come loose on this guitar, I cant comment on the original machine heads as I replaced them with Sperzal locking machine heads.

Final Rating:
Definitely one of the best guitars I have played, I would definitely buy another in due course or even quicker if it was damaged beyond repair.